MPhil NT A1: The Gospels and Acts

Prescribed Texts in Greek: Mark 1-16 and Luke 9-24.  See below for essay titles and initial suggested reading for each essay topic. NB many articles and books are available electronically via SOLO.

Tutorial Classes will be held 9.45-11.45 on Fridays of Weeks 3, 5 and 7 in the Michaelmas Term.

Week 3: Mark and Matthew

(1) Did Mark’s Gospel fail or succeed?

(2) What Does Matthew’s Jesus want?

Week 5: Luke and Acts

(3) For Luke, who is ‘the Lord’ and why does he die?

(4) How closely linked is Luke’s Gospel with Acts?

Week 7: The Gospel of John

(5) “For John’s Gospel, God died that we might be made gods.” Discuss.

(6) Does the Fourth Gospel make sense without the Prologue (and/or 1 John)?