Mark: General Bibliography

Recommended Introductory Reading

Good surveys include Brown 1997:127-70, Johnson and Penner 1999:159-184, Stanton 2002:13-57. A historical perspective on Mark’s place in the fourfold Gospel and in the canon is offered by Hengel 2000, esp. 34-115; Kealy 1982/2007 as well as Oden and Hall 1998b:xxi-xxxv introduce the interpretation of Mark in the early church.

For a theological approach, note also Williams 2014.

A Note on Commentaries

At present, the main English-language commentaries on the Greek text are in the Word series (vol. 1:Guelich 1989; vol. 2: Evans 2001), the revised Anchor Bible (now complete in 2 vols, Marcus 2000-2009), Hermeneia (Collins 2007), R. H. Gundry (2nd edn.: Gundry 2000) and France 2002. Note also  Brooks 1991 or Edwards 2002 for shorter treatments. The two best older commentaries are Taylor 1966 and Lane 1974

General Reading List

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