1101: Schedule of Lectures and Classes

The following is a list of the New Testament topics covered during lectures and . (The full list of lecturers will be available by the beginning of term.)

Michaelmas Term Lectures in New Testament

Week Topic
1 Survey of Structure & Content of the New Testament
2 Scholars, Messiahs and Visionaries
3 Jesus via Mark to Matthew
4 John and the Word Before Abraham
5 Luke, Acts and History
6 Paul’s Christ from Jerusalem to Rome
7 The Temple Above: From Hebrews to Revelation
8 The Bible as Christian Scripture

You should also plan to attend the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible lectures running in parallel each week: both lecture series are relevant to the classes, tutorials and Examination for this paper.

Text Classes

Trinity Term Weeks 1-4: Luke 9, 15-16, 22.

Old Testament/Hebrew Bible classes on Genesis 15-17, 22 will take place in the Hilary Term.



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