1101: Schedule of Lectures and Classes

The following is a list of the New Testament topics covered during lectures in the Michaelmas Term.

For lecture handouts, where available, follow the links that will be provided here during the course of the term.

Michaelmas 2021: New Testament

Week Lecturer Topic
1 Dr  Marshall A Survey of the New Testament
2 Prof. Downs From Jesus to the Written Gospel
3 Prof. Downs From Mark to Matthew
4 Prof.  Bockmuehl Luke, Acts and History
5 Prof. Downs John and the Son of God
6 Prof. Strawbridge The Life and Letter of Paul
7 Prof. Bockmuehl Worship from Hebrews to Revelation
8 Bockmuehl/Strawbridge The Two-Testament Bible as Christian Scripture

All eight lectures will be be given in person at the Exam Schools, 10 AM on Thursdays in the Michaelmas Term.

Lecture recordings will only be available if requested in advance on behalf of students identified with a documented Student Support Plan.

You should also plan to attend the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible lectures: both series of lectures, tutorials, and the associated text classes in the next two terms, are relevant to the Examination for this paper.

Text Classes

Trinity Term: Luke 9, 15-16, 22.

Also note for the Hilary Term: Genesis 15-17, 22

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