1101 Introduction to the Bible (Prelim)

NEW: See here for additional New Testament and biblical languages options for your second and third years.

This first-year paper investigates the nature and purpose of the Bible, giving attention not only to the content of the biblical books but also to aspects of their historical setting as well as their interpretation and reception in Jewish and Christian belief and practice.

Sixteen lectures will be given over the Michaelmas and Hilary Terms by some of the Faculty’s senior specialists in Old and New Testament. The Faculty will also provide four classes on the prescribed texts concerning Abraham (Genesis 12–25: Hilary Term) and four on Jesus (the Gospel of Luke: Trinity Term). Your College will additionally arrange a course of eight tutorials.

The paper will be assessed by three-hour examination in the Trinity Term.  Textual gobbets for comment will be drawn from eight specific chapters in the prescribed texts: Genesis 15–17 and 22; Luke 9, 15–16 and 22.

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