MPhil in Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World

Please consult the relevant Faculty Handbook and ‘Grey Book’ (exam) Regulations for this course. There is also a limited selection of recent exam papers on OXAM (accessible from an Oxford IP address or VPN), and a few older ones linked below. For the Christian side of the course, choose Paper 1 and one other from the list below.

B1: Christianity to 200 CE (required paper)

No Set Texts 

B2: The Gospels and the Historical Jesus

Set Texts for 2018:  Mark 1-16; Luke 9-24

B3: Acts and the Pauline Corpus

Set Texts: Acts 16-28, Romans, Philippians (TBC)

B4: The Apostolic Fathers

Set Texts: Epistle of Barnabas, Didache, Epistle of Polycarp, Epistle to Diognetus (TBC)

B5: The Apologists

Set Texts (TBC):
  1. In Greek: Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 40-47, 130-141; Justin, Apology II; Theophilus, Ad Autolycum
  2. In English: Justin, Dialogue with Trypho (all); Dialogue of Jason & Papiscus; Tatian, Ad Graecos