Graduate Colloquium in Biblical and Early Christian Studies, 2019-2020

2016-05-01 Family @Keble College (3)

Keble College. Photo (c) 2017



This collaborative seminar meets in the Dining Hall at Keble College on alternate Wednesdays 8.15-9.45 a.m., beginning with breakfast, to discuss topics and texts in the development of biblical and early Christian faith and practice. The subject focus may include Jewish or early Christian primary sources, classic or important recent publications, or alternatively research in progress by members of the group.  Suggestions for future work are always welcome; please contact Prof. Bockmuehl for further information or to be added to the mailing list.

In the Michaelmas Term 2019 we will be reading the Mishnah tractate Aboth – sometimes called Pirkei Avot (“Chapters of the Fathers”) or “Ethics of the Fathers”.  A bibliography and set of links has been circulated by email; please contact Prof. Bockmuehl for a copy.

The Colloquium begins its meetings for the academic year at 8:15 on Wednesday 23 October.  Prof. Bockmuehl will give an introduction and it is recommended to read Chapter 1 of the text in preparation. 

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