Graduate Colloquium in Biblical & Early Christian Studies, 2019-2020

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Keble College. Photo (c) 2017

This collaborative seminar meets in the Dining Hall at Keble College on alternate Wednesdays 8.15-9.45, beginning with breakfast, to discuss topics and texts in the development of biblical and early Christian faith and practice. The subject focus may include Jewish or early Christian primary sources, classic or important recent publications, or alternatively research in progress by members of the group.  Suggestions for future work are always welcome; please contact Prof. Bockmuehl for further information or to be added to the mailing list.

As part of an ongoing research project on the influence of Scripture on the formation of the Old Roman Creed (the predecessor of the Apostles’ Creed), we are studying early Christian creedal texts in the Hilary Term 2019. The primary source book is vol. 1 of Wolfram Kinzig’s Faith in Formulae (OUP 2017).

Week Date Topic
2 23 January General Introduction

Old and New Testaments (Kinzig pp 33-60)

4 6 February Symbolum: summary (Kinzig pp 61-144)

Baptismal interrogations (145-64)

6 20 February 1 Clement to Irenaeus  (Kinzig pp 165-221)
8 6 March Praxeas/Tertullian to the Tripartite Tractate (Kinzig pp 221-68)

Summary of Arius to Nicaea (269-337)

NB links from topics above should provide access to password (Oxford SSO) protected scans of the relevant readings. 

The Trinity Term remains to be confirmed but may involve additional creedal texts or potentially selections from Philo or else the Dead Sea Scrolls (to accompany the New Testament Seminar’s programme around the New Testament and the Scrolls).

Further information about each term’s programme will be circulated by email normally not later than 0th week.

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