Graduate Colloquium in Biblical and Early Christian Studies, 2019-2020

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Keble College. Photo (c) 2017

This collaborative seminar meets on alternate Wednesdays 8.15-9.45 a.m., beginning with breakfast, to discuss topics and texts in the development of biblical and early Christian faith and practice. 

The subject focus may include Jewish or early Christian primary sources, classic or important recent publications, or alternatively research in progress by members of the group.  Suggestions for future work are always welcome; please contact Prof. Bockmuehl for further information or to be added to the mailing list.  

In keeping with student requests, the Trinity Term 2020 will focus on selections from Philo of Alexandria and Melito of Sardis. Since our usual venue in the Keble Dining Hall is not available during the current pandemic, we will be meeting online instead – do feel free to bring your own breakfast!

Regular participants will receive meeting links and occasional handouts by email in advance; please contact Prof. Bockmuehl to be included

The approximate schedule will be as follows (subject to change); abbreviations according to SBL Handbook of Style (2014):




6 May

Philo and his Bible

Revelation: The Decalogue

Biblical Interpretation

The Septuagint


Dec. 32-38, 44-51

Post. 1-11; Migr. 89-93

Mos. 2.25-44

20 May

Philo (ctd)

The Logos


Essenes and Therapeutae



Her. 205-6; Conf. 146; Somn. 1.229-30; Mut. 29; QG 2.62; QE 2.68

Prob. 75-88; Contempl. 1-2, 21-39, 65-90

3 June

Melito on Passover: Introduction

Passover, Akedah, Typology


On Pascha 1-65

17 June

Melito (ctd)

 True Passover, True Israel, Heavenly King


On Pascha 66-105

Our first meeting is at 8:15 on Wednesday 6 May. Prof. Bockmuehl will offer a general introduction to Philo and the works from which the extracts are taken. Participants are then expected to introduce questions for discussion around the assigned passages.

Brief reference bibliographies (including the suggested text and translation) are available here for Philo and here for Melito.


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