Current NT Graduate Students


Click the links below for further details on our current D.Phil. New Testament students in the Faculty of Theology and Religion

Andrew Cowan (2019-)

Alexander Ezechukwu (2020-)

Chi-Kin Lei (2020-)

Jacob Rodriguez (2018-)

Paul Rowse (2015-)

Artur Suski (2020-)

Filip Sylwestrowicz (2020-)

Stacey van Dyk (2018-)

M.St. (New Testament)

2020-2021: Marcus Bailey, Nathan Dunn, Douglas Graham, Zachary Wagner

M.Phil. (New Testament)

2019-2021: Noel Cheong, Sue Ann Mak, Taman Turbinton

2020-2022: Hunter Brown, Amanda Higgin, Benjamin Isachsen, Alberto Solano

M.Phil. (Judaism & Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World)

2019-2021: Kaitlyn Hawn

2020-2022: Emma Barnes