Regular Events in NT

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New Testament Seminar

Graduate Colloquium in Biblical & Early Christian Studies

Other seminars of related interest:

Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period

Early Biblical Interpretation Seminar

Old Testament Seminar

Patristics Seminar (TBC)

Events in the Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity

2018 Grinfield Lectures: “The Reception of the Septuagint in Christian Tradition and the Catenae” (Giles Dorival)

Students are also advised to keep an eye on other cross-Faculty institutes like TORCH (the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities). The University maintains a list of key public events and lectures here.

Talks of general interest in the city can be found here (or @on Twitter) while the Daily Info site remains a treasure trove of all things cultural and practical for life in Oxford.