Professor Markus Bockmuehl

Dean Ireland’s Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture


Academic Biography

  • Dean Ireland’s Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture (2014 – present)
  • Professor of Biblical and Early Christian Studies, University of Oxford (2007 – 2014); Associate Head (Graduate Studies), Humanities Division (2011 – 2013)
  • Professor, University of St Andrews (2006 – 2007)
  • Assistant Lecturer/Lecturer/Reader/Professor, University of Cambridge (1989 – 2006)
  • Assistant Professor, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada (1988 – 1989)
  • Sessional Lecturer in Hebrew, University of British Columbia (1988 – 1989)
  • Research Assistant in Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions, University of Cambridge (1987 – 1988)

Recent Publications

  • 2019. “The Dynamic Absence of Jesus in Hebrews.” Journal of Theological Studies 70: 141-62.
  • 2019. “Fourfold Gospel Writing.” In Writing the Gospels: A Dialogue with Francis Watson, 40-60. Ed. C. S. Hamilton with J. Willitts. Library of New Testament Studies 606. London/New York: Bloomsbury T&T Clark.
  • 2018. Creation Ex Nihilo: Origins, Development, Contemporary Challenges. Ed. G.A. Anderson & M. Bockmuehl. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. Pp. 410. ISBN 9780268102531.
  • 2018. ‘Introduction.’ In Creation ex Nihilo: Origins, Development, Contemporary Challenges, 1-13. Ed. G.A. Anderson & M. Bockmuehl. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.
  • 2018. ‘Scriptural Completion in the Infancy Gospel of James.’ Pro Ecclesia 26: 180-202.
  • 2018. ‘Simon Peter: The Transformation of the Apostle.’ In Sources of the Christian Self: A Cultural History of Christian Identity, 69-83. Ed. J.M. Houston & J. Zimmermann. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.
  • 2018. ‘The Gospels on the Knowledge of God.’ In A Transforming Vision: Knowing and Loving the Triune God, 57-70. Ed. G. Westhaver. London: SCM.
  • 2017 Ancient Apocryphal Gospels. Interpretation: Resources. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox. Pp. 336.  ISBN 9780664235895.
  • 2017. ‘The Personal Presence of Jesus in the Writings of Paul.” Scottish Journal of Theology 70: 39-60.
  • 2015 ‘Scripture’s Pope Meets von Balthasar’s Peter’. In H. Bond & L.W. Hurtado (eds.) Peter in Early Christianity (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans), 321-40.
  • 2015 ‘The Gospels on the Presence of the Jesus.’  In F.A. Murphy (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Christology, 87-102. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2015 ‘The Idea of Creation out of Nothing: From Qumran to Genesis Rabbah.’ In H. Spurling & H. Ewence (eds.), Visualising Jews Through the Ages: Literary and Material Representations of Jewishness and Judaism, 17-31.  New York/Abingdon: Routledge.
  • 2015 ‘The Unknown Christmas Gospel.’ Oxford Today. Online (also at Oxford Research Archive)
  • 2015 ‘Wright’s Paul in a Cloud of (Other) Witnesses.’ in Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters, 4 (2014), 59-70.
  • 2014 ‘Review Article: Francis Watson, Gospel Writing (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013)’ in Journal of Theological Studies, 65: 195-211
  • 2013 ‘The Son of David and the Gospel’ in Introduction to Messianic Judaism, ed. Rudolph, D.J. and Willitts, J (Grand Rapids: Zondervan)
  • 2013 Graham N. Stanton, Studies in Matthew and Early Christianityed. M. Bockmuehl & D. Lincicum (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck)
  • 2012  Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory (Baker Academic, 2012)
  • 2012 ‘”Creatio ex Nihilo” in Palestinian Judaism and Early Christianity’ in Scottish Journal of Theology, 65: 253-70
  • 2012 ‘Aquinas on Abraham in Romans 4’ in Reading Romans With St Thomas Aquinas, ed. M. Levering & M. Dauphinais (Washington: Catholic University of America Press)
  • 2012  ‘The Transformation of Simon Peter’ in Crux 48(3) (2012), 13-22
  • 2012 ‘Hope and Optimism in Straitened Times’ in Pro Ecclesia 21: 7-24
  • 2012  ‘The Baptism of Jesus as Super-Sacrament of Redemption’ Theology 115: 83-91
  • 2010 ‘Locating Paradise’ in Paradise in Antiquity: Jewish and Christian Views, ed. M. Bockmuehl G.G. Stroumsa, G.G. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

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