Undergraduate Applicants


Matriculation at the Sheldonian. Photo by Isaac Soon (c) 2016

For undergraduate admissions in Theology and Religion, you may want to begin by consulting the University’s admissions information here. Each College handles its own admissions, so you should also look at different Colleges’ information. Of the University Post-holders in New Testament, Profs. Bockmuehl and Eubank are both based at Keble (admissions information here). Prof. Jenn Strawbridge is at Mansfield.

Keble recently expanded its student numbers and now aims to admit at least seven undergraduates in Theology each year, while Mansfield admits five.

Keble’s Director of Studies is Dr Sarah Apetrei, and the “joint school” Philosophy and Theology course is administered together with the Director of Studies in Philosophy, Dr. Edward Harcourt.

Note that Keble runs an annual international Essay Competition for Sixth Formers or High School students, with questions on the New Testament regularly available. Watch for an announcement on our Twitter feed @NT4Ox, or keep an eye on the Keble website

And do plan to visit! See here for information about upcoming undergraduate Open Days.