3102: Schedule of Lectures


2020-2021 Lectures are in Michaelmas Term 2020 from 14.00-15.00 on Thursdays with a live Q&A from 15.00 on Thursday of Week 8

You are also invited to engage with the set texts for 20 minutes each week via a platform called Perusall. Instructions for how to access the lectures (which will be LIVE, not pre-recorded) on Zoom and how to access the text conversations on Perusall are found on the Canvas Container for Paul and Pauline Tradition. If you’d like to join these lectures and have not received an email from the Faculty, please email: undergraduate.enquiries@theology.ox.ac.uk.

Handouts for each lecture will be uploaded to this page at least 24 hours before the lecture. Lecture topics for this paper include:

Week 1. Overview: The life of Paul and the Pauline corpus

Week 2. Paul’s Communities and Controversies

Week 3. Paul’s Christ

Week 4. Paul and Salvation

Week 5. Paul’s Ethics

Week 6. Paul and the Spirit

Week 7. Paul the Missionary

Week 8. Arguing with Paul: History of Pauline Interpretation