3110: Schedule of Lectures and Classes

Lectures and classes for this course will be taught by Dr Cressida Ryan and Dr Richard Ounsworth in 2018-19.


  1. Greek as the perfect language and the New Testament as a perfect text? Translation and context.
  2. Letter to the Hebrews, an introduction; Christology
  3. Development of Greek 1.
  4. Letter to the Hebrews and the OT (language and content)
  5. Development of Greek 2.
  6. Letter to the Hebrews: faith
  7. Letter to the Hebrews, earthly and heavenly cult
  8. Reading Hebrews ethically, and latest thoughts


  1. Translation and comparison
  2. Language and exegesis
  3. Practical Criticism and forms of reading
  4. Hebrews: a thematic seminar



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