Markus Bockmuehl: External Speaking

From time to time, certain lecture slides, handouts or other drafts may be made available here for a few months. Please note that many of these materials are scheduled to appear in published form and copyright must be respected in all cases.


University of Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies 

  • Conference Paper 29 September 2021: Heavenly Hope and Earthly Aspiration in the Second Century (Slides)

University of Glasgow

  • Seminar Paper 29 April 2021: Friendships between Jews and Christians in Antiquity (Slides)

University of Bochum Conference: Holy Scripture in the Catholic Church

  • Conference Paper 18 May 2021: Scripture, Dissent and Ecclesial Discernment in the Second Century (Handout)

St Nicholas’ Church, Cuddington, Bucks

  • 20 March 2022: “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” (Luke 13.1-9)