The Apostolic Fathers

1. “The term ‘Apostolic Fathers’ is a misleading modern affectation.” Discuss.

2. Ignatius of Antioch: EITHER

a. Why was Ignatius so keen to become a martyr?


   b. What, if anything, can we learn from Ignatius’ letters about late first-century Antioch?

3. Is the Shepherd of Hermas correctly understood as Christian apocalyptic literature?

4. Evaluate the arguments used by 1 Clement to restore unity to the Corinthian church.

5. Consider the value of the Didache as a tool for reconstructing the beliefs and practices of the early church.

6. ‘The grotesquely allegorizing Epistle of Barnabas reflects the second-century Egyptian context of an acutely anti-Jewish “replacement theology”.’ Discuss.

7. Does the Epistle to Diognetus affirm or evade a definition of Christian public identity?


a. What can we learn about the reception of New Testament writings by Christians from the Epistle of Polycarp?


b. ”The Apostolic Fathers show little awareness of the canonical gospel tradition.’ Discuss.