Christian Literature and Institutions to 200 CE

Students are asked to research and compile their own pertinent bibliographies for each topic, but a brief ‘pump-priming’ list is linked to each essay question below.

1. The Parting of the Ways

2. “Jewish Christianity”

Primary Sources: Patristic texts on the Ebionites (see Skarsaune 2007); Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions 1.27-72

3. Law and Ethics

Primary Sources: New Testament letters of Paul; Aristides; Epistle to Diognetus

4. Orthodoxy and Heresy

Primary Sources: Irenaeus, Against Heresies; Letters of Ignatius and Polycarp

5. Nag Hammadi and Gnostic forms of Christianity

Primary Sources: Irenaeus; Apocryphon of John; Testimony of Truth

6. Apostolic Fathers

Discuss with reference to: Shepherd of Hermas; 1 Clement

7. Apologists

Primary Sources: Justin, First and Second Apology

Primary Source: Dialogue with Trypho

8. Ecclesiology

Primary Sources: 1 Corinthians; Acts; The Didache; Pliny, Letter 96 to Trajan; Justin, 1 Apology 61-67.

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